Migrating to Australia

Do you want to make a fresh start in a new Country? Do you want to earn lots of money in dollars? Then have you thought about migrating and working in Australia? Work hard and buy your own house and two cars and send your children to good schools. There are many ways to migrate to Australia. There are comapny sponsored visas, Study visas, skilled migration and family migration.

Skilled Migration - Permanent Residency
This is based on a points system. You will get points for being below 30 years, points for english, and points for having experience in a skill or job that is in high demand. You can apply through a lawyer or you can fill the forms by yourself. A lawyer will charge about 3 lakhs. This is in addition to the 1.5 lakhs submission fee chared by the Australian consulate.

If you degree is not recognised in Australia you will have to apply to get it certified. It takes about 6 months to process permanent residency.

You can theck your points using the Skilled migration points calculator

Study Visa
To get this visa you have to gain entry into a university, TAFE or college in Australia. You will also have to show a considerable amount of money (close to 5 million rupees). Once you come here to study you can apply for permanent residency.

Family Migration - Parents
If all the children are in Australia, then the parents can migrate under this scheme. However, there is a very long waiting list for this. The wait will take up to 10 years. You can pay 45,000 AUD per parent and migrate immediately if you do not wish to wait

Visist The Department of Immigration - Australia for more information and to download the forms and more information.

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