Shopping in Sri Lanka

Want to know where you can buy a swimsuit or a bikini in Sri Lanka? What about some sexy party dresses or hot pants? The main cloths shops are Odel, Mondy and House of Fashions. You also get a lot of boutique shops in shopping centres such as Majestic City and Liberty Plaza.

White Pages Sri Lanka

Find residential and business addresses in the Sri Lankan White Pages. People, Businesses, Government Institutions, NGOs and Not-for-profit Charities. Location specific results, phone numbers and addresses. Everything under one roof. Let your fingers do the walking! Also submit your application to be included in the white pages.

SLT - directory

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Yellow Pages Sri Lanka

Find local businesses in the Sri Lankan Yellow Pages. Businesses, Government Institutions, NGOs and Not-for-profit Charities. Location specific results, phone numbers and adresses. Everything under one roof. Let your fingers do the walking! Also submit your application to the yellow pages to be included. Over 90% of the use of the yellow pages results in a phone call. Improve your business visibility, and get customers to come to you

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Photoshop Tricks to Beautify Your Website or Blog

You have a website but it looks boring and you want to make it beautiful and cool. How about images with rounded edges and outlined text and semi-transparent backgrounds etc. Learn how to do these so that your visitors will love your site and keep comming back. Exciting content mean more repeat visitors, which means more traffic.

Create outlined Text.

Create images with rounded edges

Create semi-transparent(translucent) images.

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Download Free Games

Bored at office? Take a short break and play a game when the boss is not looking. Download free games or play them online. Differnt kinds of games from puzzles  to platform games to fisrt person shooters. You don't need Playstation 3, Xbox360 or Nintendo Wii, when you can play games for free at any time and even in office. You can get the best games below.

Aeria games has some of the most awsome and free to play Massively Multiplayer online role playing games. Check them out

Others are

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Increase Traffic To Your Website And Increase Your Money

Everyone knows that traffic equals money. But the question is how can you increase traffic to your website? There are a zillion pages on the internet that will tell you how to do it, but they (and I) are all telling the same thing. To organically increase your traffic you need to rate highly with search engines. All search engines have different ranking algorithms but they are all essentially based on backlinks. A backlink is a link to your site from another site.

Submit your site to search engines.Google, Bing(MSN) There are also a lot of SEO pages that will submit your URL to other search engines for free.

Submit your sitemap to all the search engines. For Google you will have to use Google's web master tools For Bing you will have to use and for Yahoo you can use A sitemap is either an xml formated file or a simple html page with links to all your other pages.

Leave comments on other blogs and sites with a link back to your site. This will increase the number of backlinks.

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How to Make Money On the Internet

There are millions of sites on the internet that claim that you cam earn 1000s of dollars over the internet. Are these true or false? There are many ways to try and make money. You can sell a product or sevice over the internet on sites such as ebay, or you can put advertisemnts on a blog or a website and earn money when people visit your site.

If you want to use something like adsense to make money then you need a website or blog. Google' Adsense is the most popular and normally pays a few cents(US) per 1000 page impressions or about .30 cents(US) everytime a visitor clicks on an adsense link. Keeping this in mind your site will need a few thousands of visitors a day for you to even start earning about 10$ a day.

This leads to the next problem. How do you get visitors to come to your site? The most obvious way is through a search engine such as google, yahoo, msnlive and now bing. But to appear on these searches is pretty hard. You need to have high page rank or equivalent. Getting high page rank is extremely hard.

So how can you increase pagerank? By getting similar sites to yours to post links to your site. There are also a lot of SEO companies that will claim to do this for you for money, usually around 100-200 USD.

Remember traffic = money

You can find a list of free blog and website providers here - Create and Host Your Own Website or Blog

Here are some links with helpful hints on traffic generation and web development

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Send Free SMS

Would you like to send free SMS to people in Sri Lanka? Or maybe you have loved one sliving abroad and would like to send free SMS to them? Use the links below to send free SMS.

Free SMS To Sri Lanka

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Wiritng a Resume or CV Curriculum Vitae

Get that job you hae always wanted by creating a good resume or currculum vitae. Use these helpful hints to get your dream job by creating the perfect target CV. Cover letters are also very useful in getting that first interview. Learn how to write a powerful covering letter to send with your resume.

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Sri Lanka Classifieds Help

Here are some more links with helpful information. Maybe you want to diet and exercise to get a thin and sexy body, or maybe you just want to send a sms to someone on a new mobile. We have lots of useful information and help on this page.

Choosing a Mobile Phone
Love Calculator - find out if your boyfriend it the one for you
How to make money on the Internet
Dieting - get thin and sexy for your man
Send FREE SMS Short Messages
Download free games and fun stuff

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Mobile Phones - Buying and Choosing

Thinking of getting mobile phone? But which one? There are over thousands of models with lots of features out there in the market today. You get Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Amoi, HTC, Apple iPhone, Motorolla to name a few. It all depends on the price you are willing to pay the the functions / features you are looking for.

The best and cheapest phones can be found in unity plaza and majestic city. The iPhone is available at Dialog. You can get prepaid and postpaid connections from Tigo, Dialog, Hutch, Airtel and Mobitel.

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Dieting - Getting Slim and Sexy

Learn how to get that super sexy, beautiful and healthy body you always wanted. Want to impress boys or men? Or just want to impress your current boyfriend or husband? Get thin fast and wear those sexy clothes you always wanted to wear. The fastest way to lose weitght is to start eathing healthy food and to exercise. A brisk walk for 20 minutes a day is enough. Use less oil and salt when preparing food. Eat healthy food such as a lot of vegetables and fruit. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, hoppers, roti, naan etc. Drink lots of water.

BMI Body Mass Index: Measures how fat you are.

BMR Basal Metabolic Rate: Measures how much calories you need a day.

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Love Calculator

The love calculator has moved over here to its new home. Sorry for any inconvenience.

International Tourism

Take a break from work and visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was once called the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Down south - Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Bentota beaches are superb for surfing, sun bathing and snorkelling. You can also see turtles feeding on the reef. There are many five star hotels along this coast offering good hospitality and good food. You can also do a bit of whale and dolphin watching off the coast if you are lucky.

Pigeon Island off Trincomalee in the northwest is the best for snorkelling with beautiful coloured coral and a huge variety of colourful fish. The sand is pure white and the beaches are secluded offering good sun bathing spots. You can go topless if you wish, as the beaches are very private.

The cultural triangle in the heart of Sri Lanka has a lot of famous ruins. Sigiriya is famous for it's fortress atop a gigantic boulder. The rock temple at Dambulla and the ancient ruins of palaces and temples in Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa are beautiful as well as thought provoking sites.

If you love wildlife then you can visit the Yala National Park where you might be lucky enough to see a leopard or two. Or you can visit the Sinha Raja Forest, which is a forest full of wild life.

Kandy was the hill capital in the times of the kings in Sri Lanka and is renowned for its beauty and majesty. The entire city is draped across a mountain range and the Dalada Maligawa – Temple of the Sacred Tooth – houses a small piece of the remains of Lord Buddha.

Here are some of the best and most beautiful hotels in Sri Lanka.

You can find more information about sri lanka here!

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Visiter le Sri Lanka

Prenez une pause de travail et de séjour au Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka a été appelé une fois la perle de l'océan Indien. Il a de belles plages, des forêts de pluie délicieux, superbe paysage de montagne et de belles femmes.

Down sud - Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna et Bentota sont superbes plages pour le surf, le soleil, la baignade et la plongée avec tuba. Vous pouvez également voir les tortues de l'alimentation sur le récif. Il ya de nombreux hôtels cinq étoiles le long de la côte offrant une bonne hospitalité et la bonne nourriture. Vous pouvez aussi faire un peu de baleines et de dauphins au large de la côte, si vous avez de la chance.

Pigeon Island au large de Trincomalee, dans le nord-ouest est la meilleure pour la plongée en apnée avec une belle couleur corail et une grande variété de poissons colorés. Le sable est d'un blanc pur et les plages sont isolées offrant un bon dimanche lieux de baignade. Vous pouvez aller les seins nus, si vous le souhaitez, que les plages sont très privées.

Le triangle culturel au coeur du Sri Lanka a beaucoup de célèbres ruines. Sigiriya est célèbre pour sa forteresse au sommet d'un gigantesque rocher. Le temple de Dambulla rock et les anciennes ruines de palais et de temples à Anuradhapura et Pollonnaruwa sont magnifiques ainsi que la réflexion sites.

Si vous aimez la vie sauvage, vous pouvez visiter le parc national de Yala, où vous serez peut-être la chance de voir un léopard ou deux. Ou vous pouvez visiter le Raja Sinha Forest, qui est une forêt pleine de vie sauvage.

Kandy fut la colline du capital à l'époque des rois du Sri Lanka et est renommée pour sa beauté et sa majesté. La ville entière est drapée dans une chaîne de montagnes et de la Dalada Maligawa - Temple de la Dent Sacrée - abrite une petite pièce de la demeure du Seigneur Bouddha.

Voici quelques-uns des meilleurs et des plus beaux hôtels au Sri Lanka. Kandalama, Tea Factory - Nuwara EliyaBentota Beach HotelAmaya Reef - Hikkaduwa

Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations sur le Sri Lanka ici!

Accueil Petites Annonces

Visiting Sri Lanka

Machen Sie eine Pause von der Arbeit und nach Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka war einst die Perle des Indischen Ozeans. Es hat schöne Strände, üppige Regen Wälder, herrliche bergige Landschaft und schönen Frauen.

Down South - Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna und Bentota Strände sind hervorragend zum Surfen, Sonnenbaden und Schnorcheln. Sie können auch sehen, Schildkröten Fütterung auf das Riff. Es gibt viele Fünf-Sterne-Hotels entlang der Küste bietet gute Gastfreundschaft und gutes Essen. Sie können auch ein bisschen Walbeobachtung vor der Küste, wenn Sie Glück haben.

Pigeon Island aus Trincomalee im Nordwesten ist die am besten zum Schnorcheln mit wunderschönen bunten Korallen und eine Vielzahl von bunten Fischen. Der Sand ist weiß und rein die einsamen Strände mit guter Sonnen-Spots. Sie können oben ohne, wenn Sie es wünschen, wie die Strände sind sehr privat.

Das kulturelle Dreieck im Herzen von Sri Lanka hat eine Menge von berühmten Ruinen. Sigiriya ist bekannt für seine Festung auf einem riesigen Felsblock. Die Rock-Tempel in Dambulla und die antiken Ruinen der Paläste und Tempel in Anuradhapura und Pollonnaruwa sind schön als auch Anlass zum Nachdenken Seiten.

Wenn Sie Tiere lieben, dann können Sie den Yala National Park, wo Sie können das Glück, um zu sehen, einen Leoparden oder zwei. Oder Sie besuchen die Sinha Raja Wald, ein Wald voller wild lebende Tiere und Pflanzen.

Kandy war die Hauptstadt Hügel in der Zeit der Könige in Sri Lanka und ist bekannt für ihre Schönheit und Erhabenheit. Die ganze Stadt ist drapiert in einer Bergkette und die Dalada Maligawa - Tempel des Heiligen Zahn - ein kleines Stück des nach wie vor von Lord Buddha.

Hier sind einige der schönsten und besten Hotels in Sri Lanka. Kandalama, Tea Factory - Nuwara EliyaBentota Beach HotelAmaya Reef - Hikkaduwa

Hier finden Sie mehr Informationen über Sri Lanka hier!

Kleinanzeigen Home

Models and Beauty Queens

Sri Lanka is famous for it beautiful women and actresses. From beauty queens such as Rosie Senanayake to Anarkalli Akasha and famous beautiful and hot models such as Rozelle Plunkett, Chatz Fernando, Rozan Dias, Chulpadmendra Kumarapathirana, Rashi, Nilushi Abeykoon and Geraldine D'Rozario. Pictures and videos can be found everywhere of these models actresses, tv presenters and personalities.

Here are some links

Search in google for Beautiful Sri Lankan Models and Actresses

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Sinhala and Tamil Songs - Popular

Everything on Sri Lankan Singers, Music and Artistes. From the classical singers to the more modern pop music we aim to cover all the music and lyrics. Download free music to your computer or phone. Featuring artistes and musicians and singers such as Mohamed Ghouse, Nimal Mendis, Premasiri Kernadasa, W. D. Amaradeva, Annesley Malewana,  Clarence Wijewardene, Premasiri Khemadasa and Bathiya and Santhush. With hindia and tamil songs and mp3, mp4 and realplayer downloads you will be happy for many hours.

You can look for downloads and lyrics at these sites.

Also you can search for song on the popular you tube YouTube - sinhala songs, YouTube - tamil songs.

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Your Horoscope

Your horoscope

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Send Free e-Greeting Cards or eCards Online

Send free, funny and cool greeting cards to your friends and relatives. Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Congratulations, Thank You, you can find an ecard for everything and its FREE! It's faster than sending it via snail mail and the best of all is that it is free. So now there is no excuse for not congratulating your friend for having a baby or thanking someone for something they did for you. Make someone smile today by remembering them and sending a smile in an envelope.

You can find free eCards here

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Sri Lankan News

For all the latest news and current affairs in Sri Lanka. Find out what's going on in your country and how it affects you. Here are the links for, and

You can read some of the Sri Lankan paper online here

Sinhala or Sinhalese newspapers such papers

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Computers - Buying and Learning

Everything is run by computers today. From desktops to laptops to super computers powered by Intel, AMD, nVidia and ATI - the technology is astounding. Dual core processors, SLI graphics cards, RAM, multi-drives, the teminology may seem a little daunting. If you are in the market to buy or sell a computer, or you just want to learn about computers, then you have come to the right place.a

You can get good CPUs with intel celeron, centrino or AMD athlon, turion chips. Some are 64bit. Gigabye motherboards are very popular. For graphisc cards, you have the nvidia geForce and ATI Radeon series. Hard disks are Sata or Sandisk, Ram is usually Kingston.

A mid range PC with intel dual core processor and 2Gb of RAM with 240 GB Hard disk will cost you between 40,000 and 100,000. Laptops are more expensive. The Toshiba sattelite range, Acer Aspire, Vaio, Apple iBook and IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads are the more popular brands.

Unity Plaza and Majestic City are the best places for PCs and Laptops. Some of the more popular shops in Unity Plaza are Double Click, Unity Systems, MAC office, Asian Computer Systems, Media Centre, PC House and Barclay. The best way to buy a computer is to visit as many shops as you can, get quotes so you can compare specs and prices and then select the one with the best value for money

You can also check some of these local branches here

You can learn about computers from the internet and various free books you can download. You can go for courses at these places IDM,

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Sri Lankan Heritage and Culture

Sri Lanka has a rich heritage and culture. From the times of the aincient kings to modern times, Sri Lanka has managed to preserve it's heritage and cultural underpinnings. From the aincient ruins of palaces and temples in Anuradhapura, Pollonnnaruwa and Dambulla to the fabulous Sigiriya, this land is steeped in history and culture. You must make a point to visit The cultural triangle as this showcases some of the best in Sri Lanka's rich religious as well as monarchical history

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Tourism and Holidays

Take a break from work and go on a well deserved holiday. From Hikkaduwe downsouth to Nuwara Eliya in the hill country and from the beautiful pristine beaches of Trincomalee to Anuradhapura, Pollonnaruwe and Habarane- the cultural triangle. Relax in five star comfort and enjoy swimming in the sea or lake. Most resorts and spas are fully equiped with all the amenities and have buffets for all three meals!

Down South - Hikkaduwa and Bentota is excellent for surfing and sun bathing. You can also see turtles feeding on the reef. For snorkelling, Pigeon Island off Trincomalee is the best with beautiful coral and colourful fish. The cultural triangle has a lot of famous ruins. Sigiriya is famous for it's fortress atop a gigantic boulder and you might be lucky enough to see a leopard or two in the Yala nature reserves.

Here are some of the best and most beautiful hotels in Sri Lanka.

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Cars and Automobiles Buying, Selling, Renting and Car Hire

Buying and selling cars at the best prices. Your old car giving you trouble? Maybe it's time to upgrade you car and get some respect. How about a Jeep or a toyota land cruiser, town ace or corolla, or maybe a nissan sunny or a mitsubishi lancer? There are many different types of cars for different prices. It's up to you to decide how much you can afford an what kind of car you would like. Cars always increase in price, so they are good investments- even second hand ones.

Popular cars are the toyota corolla, nissan sunny and B14 (doctor sunny), honda civic and mitsubishi lancer. Popular 4 wheel drives are the toyota land cruiser and rav4, nissan x-trail, mitsubishi pajero montero and montero sport and the honda CRV.

The prices range from between 1.5 mil to 3 mil for cars and 4 mil + for SUVs and 4WDs. English number plates are more recent than 300-, 301-,302- plates.

You can visit second hand car sites

You can also check out the agents

If you are considering just visiting Sri Lanka, then maybe you should consider renting or hiring a car istead of purchasing one.

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Migrating to Australia

Do you want to make a fresh start in a new Country? Do you want to earn lots of money in dollars? Then have you thought about migrating and working in Australia? Work hard and buy your own house and two cars and send your children to good schools. There are many ways to migrate to Australia. There are comapny sponsored visas, Study visas, skilled migration and family migration.

Skilled Migration - Permanent Residency
This is based on a points system. You will get points for being below 30 years, points for english, and points for having experience in a skill or job that is in high demand. You can apply through a lawyer or you can fill the forms by yourself. A lawyer will charge about 3 lakhs. This is in addition to the 1.5 lakhs submission fee chared by the Australian consulate.

If you degree is not recognised in Australia you will have to apply to get it certified. It takes about 6 months to process permanent residency.

You can theck your points using the Skilled migration points calculator

Study Visa
To get this visa you have to gain entry into a university, TAFE or college in Australia. You will also have to show a considerable amount of money (close to 5 million rupees). Once you come here to study you can apply for permanent residency.

Family Migration - Parents
If all the children are in Australia, then the parents can migrate under this scheme. However, there is a very long waiting list for this. The wait will take up to 10 years. You can pay 45,000 AUD per parent and migrate immediately if you do not wish to wait

Visist The Department of Immigration - Australia for more information and to download the forms and more information.

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Create and Host Your Own Website

Do you have a small business and you want to sell your products online? Or do you just want to communicate with friends and put your ideas on the internet. Wahtever you are thinking, maybe you should put up a website or a blog.

There are thousands of free hosting sites around. The prices range from about 10$ a year to about 1000$ a year depending on the features. Search in google for the best deal that suits you. You can start with a free provider first.

You can open free blogs at

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Learn To Speak English

Help on how to learn English and improve your English. Institutes Such as Gateway, British Council, Royal Institute and Lyceum have English classes. Want to improve your English to impress the girls? Or maybe you want to get that top management job you were looking at? There are many ways to learn and improve your English. You can read english books, go for English classes, watch English movies and especially listen to English news. Also, try to talk to your friends in English.

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Real Estate Houses and Apartments

Thinking of moving to a bigger house, or want to invest in Sri Lanka? If you are looking to buy or sell a house, an partement or even a holiday home you have come to the right place. There are now many apartment blocks and high-rises that you can invest in. The prices range from 20 million Rs to 50 million RS, depending on the location, size and quality. Free standing homes are going for about 10 million (housing schemes) to 50+ million (architect designed). You have to add a premium of almost 500% if you want an apartment or house within the Colombo metropolitan area.

Here are some sites where you can view houses for sale.

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Marriage Proposals

Find the man or woman of your dreams. Are you finding it hard to find a partner for yourself or your son or daughter? There are many palces and websites that have proposals. Wether you are a Govi buddhist or a Catholic or Hindu, whatever your caste or your horoscope you are sure to find someone in our propoal links.

These are some of the links

Love is not hard to find, you must keep looking. We will be putting up sites where you can match your horoscope with your loved one soon.

Would you like to find out if your partner and you will be togeter forever? Take the Love Calculator test to find out. Enter both your names and see what the result is - if you dare!

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Sri Lanka is a beautiful land full of natural resources and exotic flora and fauna.
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