How to Make Money On the Internet

There are millions of sites on the internet that claim that you cam earn 1000s of dollars over the internet. Are these true or false? There are many ways to try and make money. You can sell a product or sevice over the internet on sites such as ebay, or you can put advertisemnts on a blog or a website and earn money when people visit your site.

If you want to use something like adsense to make money then you need a website or blog. Google' Adsense is the most popular and normally pays a few cents(US) per 1000 page impressions or about .30 cents(US) everytime a visitor clicks on an adsense link. Keeping this in mind your site will need a few thousands of visitors a day for you to even start earning about 10$ a day.

This leads to the next problem. How do you get visitors to come to your site? The most obvious way is through a search engine such as google, yahoo, msnlive and now bing. But to appear on these searches is pretty hard. You need to have high page rank or equivalent. Getting high page rank is extremely hard.

So how can you increase pagerank? By getting similar sites to yours to post links to your site. There are also a lot of SEO companies that will claim to do this for you for money, usually around 100-200 USD.

Remember traffic = money

You can find a list of free blog and website providers here - Create and Host Your Own Website or Blog

Here are some links with helpful hints on traffic generation and web development

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